Beating Bowel Cancer - Amy Watts Diagnosed at Age 36



Beating Bowel Cancer

10 November at 09:56 Edited


Amy Watts was diagnosed at age 36 in March this year with stage 3 bowel cancer and has kindly shared her story to help raise awareness of the disease....


“I had... been visiting my GP since January 2014 with symptoms, such as fatigue, weight loss, bleeding, stomach pain and a change in bowel habit. I asked on a number of occasions whether I could have bowel cancer only to be told I was far too young. By October my symptoms had worsened until eventually I became so unwell, in November I was passing blood ten times a day lost a stone in weight.


"I was referred for an urgent colonoscopy for suspected inflammation. This took place in January, one year after initially visiting my doctor with symptoms.


"Beating Bowel cancer’s support was invaluable. Paula one of their nurses took time to help me on the phone and helped me make decisions about scans and ileostomy and gave me the right questions to ask my oncologist.


"l often post on the Beating Bowel Cancer forum, mostly to connect to young people like myself. I’ve read some of their booklets too which are very helpful. There isn’t the awareness that surrounds other cancers, it’s really hard to be heard, and to get that message out there that bowel cancer is important too, and young people are diagnosed with it!


"It’s a difficult time coming to the end of chemo, as it’s been my safety net. I'm staying positive as I have a 4 year old daughter and a 2 year old son. I would like to share my story to give hope and raise that all important awareness that you aren’t too young to get bowel cancer.”


If you'd like to share your story, like Amy has, then please drop an email to thank you.

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