Beating Bowel Cancer

This week we're celebrating 10 years of bowel cancer screening in England. And while screening has successful detected 25,500 cancers in the over 60s in this time, current take up of the screening test is only 56%.

We think one of the reasons that fewer than 6 in 10 people complete and return their test is because currently poo samples need to be taken over a period of three days.

So we were del...
ighted when the Government announced earlier this month that the current test is to be replaced by a more accurate and simpler test called Faecal Immunochemical Test (FIT).

We hope to see the new FIT test rolled out as soon as possible.

In the meantime, it’s important that if you receive the existing test through the post that you complete it, even if you’re fit and healthy, as it could save your life.

The photo below shows what the new FIT test might look like.

Beating Bowel Cancer


Living with advanced cancer


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Steve Clark is known as Bear on our online forum, where he’s valued as a knowledgeable, comforting and sensitive voice. Steve has just been given a special award by Beating Bowel Cancer in recognition of the work he has done to support other patients as a forum moderator and raise awareness of the disease.

Beating Bowel Cancer


Charlotte Dawson, Beating Bowel Cancer’s Head of Nurse Advisory, talks about two new trends in bowel cancer diagnosis and treatment and the definite move towards a more personalised approach.


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