John Sam's Story

Ladies and Gentlemen,


As Max Bygraves used to say" I'm gonna tell you a story".

In August 2009, I went to Treliske for colonoscopy, the results of which told me that I had a bowel cancer. Being the fourth generation family member with what the family referred to as "The Alien", I was not devastated, and I didn't go into denial. In fact, I went cold, thinking,"well better me than a child", quickly followed by " OK Mr. Alien" you want me, you're in for a fight.

By early September, I was booked in for surgery, and battle commenced.


The Alien within was on its own, I had an excellent Surgeon, as heavy artillery, and a wonderful set of nurses as infantry. After I returned home, I was told that Chemotherapy was necessary. OK, so for six months I ate Capecitabine for breakfast, lunch and tea. With the Care Nurses at my side, my Alien didn't have a chance.


In May this year, I was declared "free" of the Alien. My thanks to all at Treliske, and especially the two Care Nurses, both of whom I must have driven crazy with a deluge of questions. I feel better now than I did before the diagnosis. At no time in the five years, did I entertain any doubt that I would have any more problems.


Thank you for reading this and for your patience one and all. I hope it helps someone to fight the fight.

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