April 2016 - One of our newest and most supportive member provided this timely reminder, thank you Wendy.


It's Bowel Cancer Awareness Month in the U.K.

The embarrassing cancer. The one no one likes to talk, or think about.
Do you know the symptoms?
Did you know that the NHS do a routine Bowel cancer screening test, known by most as the 'Pooh Stick Test'

I was diagnosed with bowel cancer last Christmas Eve.
No symptoms! Just an irregular 'Pooh Stick' after doing the test.

Thankfully I was caught early, and operated on within 2 weeks. My cancer would have gone undetected if I hadn't done the test. Who knows how long I would have had!
If you have any of these symptoms:-
Low stomach pain.
Blood in your pooh.
Change in your bowel habits.
Constant indigestion.
Weight loss.
Speak to your doctor. You are never wasting their time, but could be saving your life.....

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