Derriford Parking Update - by Keith Anderson



I have written to Plymouth Hospital NHS Trust, regarding getting a concession for the new disabled car park opposite the new multi-strorey car park, as at the present there is not one.


If you visit car park C opposite the Oncology Dept, you can park for up to four hours for £1.20. But this is a long walk to level 6 the main enterance, if you have to use another department, i.e. Outpatients etc. They have replied, stating that they will give parking concessions in the new car park.


All people have to do, is take their appointment letter to the car parking desk, which is on the left hand side of the main enterence on level 6. They will take the payment (£1.20) and program the barriers accordingly when you leave. The car park barriers are camera controlled by the way.

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