Chemo Diary #4 23Nov15

As an update to the last fortnight`s chemotherapy treatment, I am so pleased to tell you that I had a far better time of it.  Just being on the Avastin and Capecitabine and dropping the Oxaliplatin made all the difference to how I felt. There were no headaches, no nausea, so I ate well, and no constipation. What a relief! However there was diarrhoea to contend with, a side effect of the drugs, but better that than constipation and nausea!

The oncologist was quite correct in saying that I would cope well with this regime.
As the days passed, I did feel increasingly weary and tired but that was acceptable. I slept a lot during the day and night also. The oncologist agrees that sometimes this is the best way to deal with chemotherapy, to rest and sleep as much as you need to.

 I ventured out to Tesco`s and Lidl`s on the Sunday before the next treatment. It was the first time I had been out in a fortnight.
As I approached the next chemotherapy session, I was determined to begin the Oxaliplatin regime again, as I realise that it is such an important anti-cancer drug.

To my surprise, the oncologist remarked when I saw him, that because my blood test results were so good, meaning that the haemoglobin (iron) levels were normal, but significantly, the blood cancer markers had still diminished exceedingly well, and that was just with the effect of Avastin and Capecitabine alone, so that I could stay on the two drug regime for another fortnight. He said we could always add the Oxaliplatin back in, if necessary, later on. Well I was so pleased to hear this and so relieved. I still take 75 mg of Aspirin a day, on his advice also. I have been doing this for three and a half to four years, and I feel sure that it has helped keep the cancer at bay for those three years.
Also, the oncologist looked at my hands and suggested I try the latest wonder cream for sore and dry skin, namely udder cream! The human version we`ve talked about being “Moo Goo”. He said it is good because it is full of lanolin. He said it is very popular with cancer patients.
My treatment went well on Tuesday, with no sore arm and no dizzying side effects. I managed to chat with a couple of patients, also having treatment, which was nice. It is very supportive to exchange views with others in the same predicament.

We had arrived at hospital that morning at ten o`clock, and reached home at four thirty. We had a fish and chip supper, which I wolfed down, as I felt starving, then I went to bed at six thirty, as I had very little sleep on the previous night, I was fairly exhausted. I slept soundly in the knowledge that the two drugs were working well and I hadn`t needed to have the Oxaliplatin.

That`s the fourth chemo down, only two more treatments to go!

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