We have the pleasure of promoting our 'sister' group the PLYMOUTH & DISTRICT BOWEL CANCER SUPPORT GROUP, founded by Wendy Wilson and the late great Keith Anderson. 


    Being diagnosed with cancer is the most frightening feeling anyone can imagine. The appointments, tests, operations and treatments seem to merge together and carry you along on a rollercoaster ride.

    Then comes the day when the brilliant medical team steps back, and you feel like you are now on your own.

    Although you may be lucky enough to have wonderful family and friends, you still feel scared and vulnerable.

    This is when the amazing strength and care of a support group step in.

    Cornwall Bowel Cancer Support Group were there when I needed them. I was suddenly amongst people who really understood what I was going through, and they quickly became like family to me.

    I met Keith Anderson through the group. We really hit it off and shared our passion for wanting to help others.

    It was through our friendship that the idea of forming a 'sister' group for the Plymouth area was first thought of.

    That is how and why we now have the Plymouth & District Bowel Cancer Support Group. We meet once a month at the Invicta Hotel, which is next to the Hoe in Plymouth. It is very informal and everyone just relaxes with a cuppa and some cake while chatting to like minded people, who soon become friends.

    The two groups support each other and members and carers freely attend both social events.

    When you have been told you have cancer your life falls apart. Being a member of a Support Group really can help you put it back together.

    Wendy Wilson, joint founder member of the Plymouth & District Bowel Cancer Support Group.

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