Reginald Warwick Martin

This is our dear Reg, he is not only our most senior member but he is also a complete gentleman and we are proud to call him our friend. Shown here at 93 years of age, and also as a 20 year old sailor.

Here is Reg's story, as written by him.


My name is Reginald Martin, I was diagnosed at the age of 89 years old. I was told my diagnosis was stage 4 and one consultant told me the cancer would kill me. I remember I took it fairly well I thought at 89 I have done well and was fairly ok with this, but the nurse said don't write yourself off yet, and I thought she is right and from then on I felt positive, quite a different feeling came over me and I felt like the man who fell from a 20 storey building and at every window bar I passed down I said I'm ok so far. I had the operation by a great surgeon and his team and the nurse who gave me the will, today nearly 4 years later going on strong and was told there was no cancer in my body.  

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