Cornwall Bowel Cancer Support Group Donations

Whenever our bank balance permits we will make donations to Cancer related charities. Since our support group was formed we have made the following donations.

Beating Bowel Cancer £2,575.00

Macmillan Cancer Support £1,000.00

Hope for Tomorrow £1,000.00

Beating Bowel Cancer £1,000.00

Beating Bowel Cancer £41.38

The Cove at RCHT £1,000.00

Cornwall Hospice Care £1,000.00

Cornwall Hospice Care £1,000.00

Royal Cornwalls Hospital Charity £250.00

Marie Curie £500.00

Cornwall Hospice Care £1,500.00

Beating Bowel Cancer £23.26

Cornwall Hospice Care £500.00

Bowel Cancer UK £250.00

Cornwall Hospice Care £750.00

Marie Curie £1,000.00

Bowel Cancer Research £1.000.00

RCHT Sunrise Centre £185.00

To date 22nd January 2019, I'm very proud to say we have donated a staggering £14,574.64.


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